It's now common practice to offer an interpretation service at public meetings in Wales. It indicates:

  • your support for the Welsh language
  • your wish to provide equal opportunities and enable everybody to speak in their language of choice
  • your wish to promote better understanding between individuals
  • your desire to see your group working together effectively to achieve its aims

The success of bilingual meetings depends largely on the skill of the interpreter.  Please bear in mind that interpretation is a specialist skill and that you should employ a professional interpreter with an excellent grasp of both English and Welsh. Please note that the Interpreting Members of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru have passed the Association's stringent interpreting test.


  • Secure the services of a competent interpreter in good time and give him/her full instructions regarding practical arrangements
  • Hire appropriate interpretation systems - either from the interpreter, from Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru or from another reputable organisation
  • Agree terms with the translator before the meeting
  • Send the relevant papers to the translator beforehand
  • Ensure that the users receive guidance on how to use the equipment at the start of the meeting

An experienced interpreter will also be able to advise you on other issues, e.g. the arrangements that need to be made beforehand and the instructions to be given by the chairman. 

To find an interpreter, click here.

Interpreters are able to supply/arrange interpretation systems but should you wish to hire equipment yourself please turn to our database here .


Interpreting Membership Test

Date of next test: to be confirmed

Before considering taking the test, it is recommended that candidates have 200 hours of interpreting experience. 

For information leaflet and registration form of the last test, please see our Welsh site or contact the office.


To find an interpreter, please use our search engine of members.

Database of interpretation systems available for hire

Interpretation Systems Manufacturers
If you are considering the purchase of interpretation systems, contact the companies listed on our site. If you know of other companies who provide interpreting systems throughout Wales and further afield please contact the office.

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